Introducing Fridgit

Hardware to help make responsible decisions about food waste

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Remember what foods you have and make responsible decisions about food waste

Fridgit is a smart refridgerator that helps keep track of food. Fridgit's interface is also available on smart devices, allowing shoppers to check what they have and what they need while away!

Auto-track your food

When food enters or leaves Fridgit, internal cameras and weight sensors record this movement and automatically update the food inventory with the correct item.

Spoilage notifications

Fridgit knows when your food is going to spoil based on when you added it, and sends notifications so you always know which foods are about to go bad.

Storage info on the go

Fridgit auto-updates its companion phone app so you always remember what foods you have in-stock. It also adds food to a groceries list when you're running out!

Passcode: foodwaste


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